National Calvados Week Events & Activities in Scotland:

Treacle: Promotional Cocktail List (Edinburgh)

Hamiltons: Promotional Cocktail List (Edinburgh)

The Voyage of Buck: Promotional Cocktail List (Edinburgh)

The Blackbird: Promotional Cocktail List (Edinburgh)

Bullard & Worth: Cocktail Special (Edinburgh)

Nightcap: Cocktail Special (Edinburgh)

Kin: Cocktail Special (Edinburgh)

La Petit Mort: Cocktail Special (Edinburgh)

Blue Blazer: Cocktail Special & Tasting Event (Edinburgh)

The Voodoo Rooms: The Calvados Cup (Edinburgh)

Panda & Sons: Cocktail Special (Edinburgh)

Hoot The Redeemer: Cocktail Special (Edinburgh)

Miss Woos: Cocktail Special (Edinburgh)

Harry’s Bar: Promotional Cocktail List & Meet The Maker Evening Event

The Last Word: Cocktail Special (Edinburgh)

Atlantic: Promotional Cocktail List (Glasgow)

DRG: Promotional Cocktail List (Glasgow)

Kelvin Grove Café: Promotional Cocktail List (Glasgow)

Porter & Rye: Promotional Cocktail List (Glasgow)

Finnieston: Promotional Cocktail List (Glasgow)

Five March: Cocktail Special (Glasgow)

The Parlour: Cocktail Special (Glasgow)

Lucky Liquor Company: NCW Lucky Pool Tournament